Fuji roadbike in front of historic industrial ruins


You can’t know this, but this is actually the third time I’m starting to write this blogpost about  

J U N E  

I absolutely blame the mind – eating hot and perfect weather for it.

I feel like the heat is melting my brain, while I sit in the attic room, sweat dripping on the desk, trying to fill that white void on the laptop screen…



After all, I’m sure it doesn’t matter anyway, because I know, right now, you’re all chilling in the sun, having a few beers and cocktails, so I guess no one is going to read this anyway, hahahaha….

Let’s talk about the last month a little bit, shall we?

J U N E has been a great month. I spent a lot of time, riding THE ROUBAIX, my brand new roadbike.



Riding this rocket machine on the local streets was so much fun, that I almost didn’t notice the amount of km / mi I’ve been burning into the conrete.

If you don’t know, what I’m talking about and / or you want to read more about this awesome bicycle, check out this link, please !?! :

The Roubaix

Personally, I think this year’s  J U N E  could have been a historic, record breaking month.

But who knows, maybe I’m going to ride even more in July…Guess, we have to find out in next month’s edition of this recap blogposts.

I know, stats are boring and you all don’t care about numbers and stuff…I’m going to post the next two pictures anyway, just for my personal entertainment…




In other news…

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to  RAYNOTBRADBURY  for always encouraging me, to write what I want and just hit the publish button, which is probably the best advice anyone could give you, like ever… 

Lately, she always has a lot of useful, great blogging advices / hacks for you.

So, if the summer hole is pushing you down, go and check out her page to get that little extra motivation everyone needs from time to time.

Plus, I guarantee, you can’t read her posts without smiling at least once, because RAYNOTBRADBURY always knows how to entertain us all !

So, let’s hope summer ends real quick and everyone is going back to writing new blogposts and reading other people’s blogposts and stuff…

But then again,- Summer-, would you please stay a little longer, because after all, I kind of like this time of year…



  1. Alys says:

    Sounds like a good month!

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