The Egg III

The Egg

A few days ago, I caught myself thinking and realizing, that it has been quite a long time since I last published a blogpost about one of my bicycle adventure. Well, any kind of blogpost to be honest…but anyway, the weather was great, the roadbike was in a good condition and I was feeling ready to collect a lot of fresh material for a new blogpost! 

It didn’t take long until I found a perfect destination for a new edition of the „ Today’s Ride“ series:




A historical sight in the more rural area, located in a district outside of town was the ideal objective.





This day’s journey was going to lead me through districts, streets and paths that were totally new to me and actually, it was pretty cool to see brand new sights of my area.

The Roubaix was running nice and easy, the roads were in great conditions ( compared to the local standard…) and thanks to the fact, that it was a sunday, which lived up to his name ( sunshine, no wind, heat wave, high humidity), only those people, who really needed to use their car did so!



The miles passed pretty easy and round about ninety minutes later, I reached my destination:

The Egg 



In case, you’re curious to know, I collected some background information ( from a nice little info sign in front of the tower ) on this historical sight:

One hundred and fourteen years ago the watertower called „The Egg“ was build to ensure the water supply of the surrounding districts and mining companies. 

It is fourteen meters wide, sixty meters high, and weighs round about one hundred and eighty tons.

Before the construction of the tower was granted, there is said to been a huge argument between the director of the local mining factory, the city officials and the local water supplier.

The director of the mining company was about to quit all contracts with the city and the water supplier, when he finally got what he wanted:

His own watertower, that guaranteed the water supply of the mining factory and every connected building.

In the nineteen – eighties, there was no further need of „the Egg“ and it is kept empty since this time.



Today this building is a historical monument. 

It is the last remaining water tower of its kind and another witness of this area’s rich industrial history and background.

As I stood in front of the tower, I thought it is kind of strange to imagine, how this area must have looked like a hundred years ago.

There are just one or two buildings left of what used to be a whole coal and mining factory, so today’s visitors have to look pretty close and with the eyes and abilities of Sherlock Holmes to find hints of its past.

But even today, the tower doesn’t look out of place.





It fits perfect to the rural surroundings and all the farming, that is located there nowadays and in combination with the perfect view of the whole area, this sight is always worth the visit!

After a rather long break, I chose the longest way back home to get a few more miles in and finish this day’s ride all around happy and successful.



How did you spend these summer days? Tell me about it in the comments below!

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!

– Dennis


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  1. Laura Tulip Says says:

    I love the bit of history you’ve included in this post and that last photo is really cool! Good work 🙂

    • Hey, Laura!
      I try to include some background information whenever I’m able to. I think, it makes the posts more interesting and sometimes you discover the most weirdest stories!
      The last picture was kind of hard to shoot. I had to hold the bicycle with one hand, knee down and take the picture on my smartphone with the other hand…that was one of my more creative moments, hahaha!
      Thanks for your message and have a good day, Laura!

      • Laura Tulip Says says:

        Hi Dennis,

        I agree, it makes it more interesting and it makes the blog more relatable to people who don’t cycle. It’s cool that you stop to do sight seeing while you’re out cycling. That sounds like hard work and commitment to getting a good shot! Keep it up! 🙂

        Have a good day too 🙂

  2. I love this post! I wondered how I missed it, but I was away this time last month, celebrating a big anniversary so I’ve obviously missed a few posts here and there.

    I’ve never seen a water tower like that before (I grew up on a road with a water tower – but that was castellated – not an egg). I like the green kiosk. At first, I thought it was a bird hide! Great photos, too. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ruth!
      Unfortunately, I didn’t find a source, that explains, why the tower looks like this, so we can only guess…but a castellated tower must have been pretty cool, too!
      A bird hide right there would be great, but I guess, they still want to sell some strawberries in there in the next years!

  3. floatinggold says:

    The final picture is really cool.
    And yes, it must have been pretty cool to stand there and imagine a totally different place that it must have been in the 19th century. How things change…

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