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July is over. Four weeks of a record breaking hot and sweaty summer are past and gone. It’s about time for a quick summary of the things I did during the last thirty – one days.

Let’s see, what happened in the last weeks?…

Of course, the big thing for everyone interested in cycling was LE TOUR DE FRANCE. This year’s tour once more showed us France’s nicest landscapes and coolest old castles and chateaus, while Team Sky dominated them all on their way to secure Geraint Thomas’ Maillot Jaune all the way to Le champs élysée.



What I liked most about le Tour de France was seeing Julian Alaphilippe climbing the mountains and securing le maillot à pois rouges.

I haven’t heard much of Alaphilippe until now, but his style of riding uphill and downhill and the way he secured the stage wins did really impress me. So, thanks Julian for keeping Le Tour de France as entertaining as possible!

Talking about roadbike racing…



I think, I made some progress at my own way of cycling during the last four weeks. I’m getting better and better on the roadbike and I’m kind of proud about the stats, even though there is still a lot room for improvement.



Also, I’m always on the hunt for riding the biggest climbs around here.

There is something special about riding uphill. It’s like a challenge you need to win and the reward is the view from the top, the badass selfie in front of the great panorama and of course, the ride downhill afterwards.



It’s pretty hard to find good spots to train your uphill skills, because this area is rather flat. 

However, I managed to find a really great spot on google maps, that I had to visit right away. It’s the biggest landmark around and the view from the top is kind of awesome. Right now, I’m working on a blogpost about it, but I want to get some great shots of it first….

In other news, my next vacation is just about two weeks away from now. Hopefully, I’m going to be able to do some cool stuff and see some new places. So I’m really looking forward to that!



So, that’s about it!

How did you spend July?

Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Have a good day and an even better next month!



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  1. Looks like I’m not the only crazy bike-riding photographer out there lol. Good stuff! The hills really can be special. It’s that feeling of putting in the effort then attaining the reward. Stay tuned for my post about Day 7 of ride around Lake Ontario, the day of all hills 😮

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