Why everyone should give commuting by bicycle a chance!

Today I would like to introduce you to a new blogpost series.
It’s my first approach at writing more theoretically about cycling and bicycles in general.
After a rather long time, I decided to call it: 

Ramblings of a cyclist 

I think, the title fits perfect for what I’m planning to write under this headline: Nice blogposts about cycling, that are not too serious all the time…

If you’ve been following my blog for quite a long time and maybe even follow me on my social media accounts, you probably already know, that since this year’s April, I started to commute daily to work by my roadbike.
Even though my experience just goes back four months and a few days, I thought maybe I should share my thoughts on this subject and start writing a few blogposts about it.

So, after working on this post for a few weeks ( it was a bit harder than I thought… ), here’s my first  “better – don’t – take – it – serious“ – blogpost about cycling :




You get to ride your bike every single day!

Are you one of those people, who like to think „ I’m riding bicycles whenever I can, but you still got to make some money, right? I wish I just had more time for riding bicycles…“

Congratulations, I’ve got a solution for your problem!

As soon as you start commuting on your bicycle, thoughts like this are just going to disappear from your tiny little brain. From now on, you’re riding bicycles in every possible free second of your lifetime. 

Still struggling with the thought of being a full time cyclist? Here’s a pro – tip for you:

Sell your stupid, rusty and dirty car and you’ll no longer think about whether or not to commute on your bicycle, because let’s be honest, the last thing we all want to do is take the bus and / or train to work.



You are always ready for action, when you arrive at work!

Remember those times, when you arrived at work and felt like you just got out of bed, because you actually just got out of bed ? Slow breathe, eyes barely open, estimated heart rate around 30… these days are over! 

From now on, you are going to feel like a rocket or a tank, when you arrive at work. With muscles all warmed up and mind always on top of everything, nothing can possibly surprise you. Forget sentences like – „Come on, buddy, I just arrived at work, can we discuss that later? I need a coffee first…“ – and replace them with – „ Alright, buddy, what’s up? Let’s solve some tasks today! Here, I brought you a coffee…“



You are going to BOOST your self esteem!

Nobody likes to ride bicycles in the rain… or when it’s windy… or when it’s cold outside, right?

Nobody, except of you!

You’ve made the decision to commute to work on your bicycle every single day, so you better prepare yourself for riding in heavy rain, wind storms and arctic coldness!

Hard to imagine?

Think about this: Bad weather conditions are nothing more than obstacles and challenges! If you are able to overcome these obstacles, what should possibly hold you back from anything anymore?

Still hard to imagine?

Here’s another pro advice: Keep your eyes wide open, while riding to work!
Who is riding bicycles in perfect conditions in the middle of the summer? Everyone!
Who is riding bicycles in the rain, heavy wind, ice coldness? Nobody, except of you!

Cycling to work every single day of the year is the most natural boost for your self – esteem available. Get It Now!



You are a shining hero of modern urban mobility and environmental movements, regardless if you want to or not!

Prepare yourself for endless interviews about the reasons and your motivation of cycling to work on a daily basis.
Strangers on the streets and mates at work are going to cheer for you and will probably want to do a selfie with the person who likes to excercise and sweat pre – and after work, without getting extra payment and for no obvious reasons, despite saving the whole planet, his CO^2 emission stats and his personal health at the same time…

So, you better prepare some “nice – guy – small – talk“ answers and jokes for these situations! It’s the quickest way to escape these situations and everything else doesn’t work anyway, trust me…



Your work days are going to end well, everyday! 

We all know these days, when everyone and everything at work is annoying garbage!
Your boss is just talking crap and your working mates act like clowns and noobs all day, everyday…
The thing is, we can’t change the idiots at work and of course no one can change the work.
But what we can change is the way we arrive back home.

Commuting by bicycle gives you the opportunity to kick all the anger and rage that was build up all day long inside yourself into the pedals.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you should jump red traffic lights and act like an idiot on the way back home.
But there is always this one steep hill or this one long straight, that allows you to give everything you got left in the tank and thus leave all work – junk were it belongs: At work…




Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to share your thoughts about this blogpost, this time more than ever, because I could really use some feedback here…


Have a good day!




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  1. Well done post and spot on. Unfortunately I was laid off so have no control.mute plus when I did it was under a mile for 3.5 years. Lunch naps! In between places I had a five Mile commute which quickly became ultra boring. I prefer my rides to be for fun. But we’ll see what happens. May need a car for my next job. Anyway, that is for following, and where are you?

    • Yes, you’re right! Riding bicycles should always be fun! It’s hard to have fun on a daily commute, I know that for sure. But I do believe that commuting by bicycle gives you more opportunity and freedom to have fun, than a commute by car does…

  2. Thanks for following it should say.

  3. […]  “ Why everyone should give commuting by bicycle a chance!“ […]

  4. antc1946 says:

    I used to cycle to work in Hobart (now retired). I really enjoyed the morning ride downhill to the “Intercity Cycleway” and along the cycleway into the city centre. Once on the cycleway there was no traffic except walkers and cyclists. My problem was going home. Note I said “downhill to the cycleway”! Going home was generally into a headwind funnelling down the Derwent River and then uphill to Lenah Valley! Still, I certainly lost a few kilos and gained patience with slow riding – which I still dig into on a daily basis.

    Enjoying your website Dennis. Thank you for creating it.


    • Thanks a lot, Tony!
      Riding bicycles early in the morning or late in the evening are my favourite times, too!
      It’s great to hear of other people’s bicycle commute:
      Intercity Cycleway, riding along a river and climbing uphill, that sounds like a great commute.
      Around here, intercity cycleways only exist in some people’s head or on plans that noone cares about, but there are a few bicycle paths on my way to work. Riding in the middle of main roads is a huge part of my daily commute, though. But it’s still my favourite way to get to work and back!

      Thanks for your reply and have a good day, Tony!


  5. Alys says:

    Thes are all great points! I should really get into cycling I think 🙂

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