Mid-Ride Selfie with a new friend


This month, besides commuting by bicycle, I also started to do regular errands by bicycle. I found out, that it’s pretty easy to spend the greater amount of your wage at the local bicycle store.
I also found out, that visiting grocery stores or bicycle stores can be kind of tricky, when you try to get a save and secure parking spot for your bike.
It’s necessary to develop a good eye for bicycle parking spots, because honestly, most stores don’t offer any bicycle stands at all and if they do, the stands are pretty bad in most cases.
Of course, there are some stores that offer really good bicycle stands, but usually I have to be creative…

I also definitely need to hold myself back on the roadbike, when I’m out for a shopping tour at the local grocery store.
Right now, I’m always the most sweating person in the whole store and even if this may sound a little funny ( I know it does…), it’s a little annoying at the same time. 
However, it’s cool to take care of daily businesses by bicycle, I just need to work on the details…


Work life in August brought me a stressful four weeks.
This month always marks the start of the summer sale season and of course, just like everyone else, we try to get rid of most goods through discount offers and some special events.
One day we were open until midnight, which offered me the opportunity to do the first nightride of 2018, which was probably the best commute so far!
There were absolutely no cars in sight, so I was able to choose in whatever lane I wanted to ride.
In combination with the special atmosphere, created by the darkness, street lanterns and city lights, riding at night is an unbeatable experience…


On the downside of it, the daily usage of the Vinyl  starts to leave traces on the bicycle. 
There are two or three tiny cracks on each tire.
Right now, I think, I’m going to keep these tires on, but who knows, maybe I decide to put new ones on.
It’s not a flat yet, but it soon could be…


In August, I did a total distance of 308 km / 191 mi on my roadbike.
This means I did almost 238 km / 148 mi less than in July, which sounds like a lot ( and it probably is a lot…)
However, I rode a lot of climbs this past month and gained a lot of elevation ( compared to the last months ).
I wouldn’t say, I rode less bicycle, I just kind of focused on other things this month.
Gaining a lot of elevation in combination with maximum distances is definitely on my list and who knows, maybe I’m going to get there soon…


In other news… 
Considering some blogposts I read this month, autumn and winter seem to already be knocking on the door.
That caused me to think about commuting in the dark and cold time of year.
Right now, I think, I’m well geared up for that time (lights, clothing,…), but I’m not sure, if the roadbike is going to survive daily usage throughout winter. I’m pretty sure, the coldness and all the gravel and dirt on the streets are going to eat the tires and bearings alive.
So, I’m not quite sure about what to do…

Does anyone of you commute by bicycle in the winter?
What’s your best advice for a noob bicycle commuter like me?

By the way, some days ago, I published the first blogpost of a brand new category on my website.

“ The B.R.A.I.N (bicycle ramblings and irrelevant news) series“

Think this sounds cool? Right, it doesn’t. The title was absolute rubbish, so I changed it.
It’s now called:

“ Ramblings of a cyclist “ – different sound, same meaning. But this time, it’s great.

Here’s the link to the blogpost:

 “ Why everyone should give commuting by bicycle a chance!“

If you haven’t read it yet:
I would appreciate it a lot, if you could check it out and tell me what you think about it!

As always, feedback is welcomed, this time more than ever, as this is my first theoretical blogpost about cycling in general and I think, I can really use some advices here.


So, August kind of had it all.
An okay performance on the roadbike, concerns about the near future of commuting and trying out new styles of blogposts!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a great month…




++ The Blogpost “AUGUST” was originally published on dennisthecyclist.blog ++


  1. lkvy says:

    My advice? Do noooooot leave your bike outdoors throughout the winter. Especially if you live where the roads get salted in the winter! I have to work on so many bikes that got trashed over the winter in the spring time. Some of these customers try to blame us for the state of their bikes, “But I got my bike serviced by you guys last summer!” Argh.

    I don’t personally cycle between December – April: I love my bikes and extremities too much for winter cycling.

    • Thanks for the advice, Laura! Haven’t thought about that to be honest…
      Usually, the winters around here are kind of mild, but the roads get salted anyway. So, that’s probably something I should consider.
      Looks like I have to think about this again…
      Take care of yourself and have a good day!


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