sunset at the local roadbike training spot


Recapitulating what happened in the last month always starts the same way:
I’m looking through all the pictures on my smartphone.
Actually, it’s a great way to remember things.
Believe it or not, but there are always a lot of things, that I’d easily forget about otherwise…



This time the pictures on my phone reminded me on the local roadbike race I visited in the beginning of September.

I’ve never been to a race before, so it was pretty cool to see the speed and hear the noise of all the riders involved.
I would have never believed, that there was so much shouting and yelling among the racers during a race. Hard to imagine, how one can be capable of going so fast on a roadbike and still have enough air in the lungs to shout at other riders, who may or may not have just cut you in the last corner…



Talking about riding roadbikes…

I’m finally able to leave my backpack at home, since I spent the greater amount of my wage for an upgrade of my bicycle gear.
I’m now the proud owner of a few small bicycle bags, two bottle holders, two bottles and a warm longsleeve jersey and pants for the cold days of autumn. Pretty expensive experience, but so far I’m kind of happy…



Of course, I instantly put the new gear to test: I’m now able to do an average of 29 kmh / 18 mph for 30 km / 18 mi. I’m not sure, if that’s good, since I’m still amongst the slowest of all riders at the local roadbike training spot.
However, it’s enough to impress family and friends, that aren’t too familiar with riding bicycles, plus I feel a lot faster without the heavy backpack on my shoulders, that’s good, right?



I’m really looking forward to the next four weeks. It’s getting colder outside and autumn is knocking on the door. Hopefully, with the right timing, I’ll be able to get some great shots of one of the rare days when the leaves are turning from green to all kind of colors. Every year, these are one of my favourite days of all days…



October, here we go! It’s your turn now…



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  1. Looks amazing! 🙂 September was a good month indeed!

  2. lkvy says:

    I think 29km/h for 30km is a great average! If you’re always comparing yourself to the pros or even semi-pros, you’ll always be disappointed!

    • True words, I’ve never been faster on a bicycle!
      But, other riders are a good orientation and help to develop your own riding. Nevertheless, the more I’m thinking about the speed of other riders, the more I start to believe, that it’s a game of high end gear from this point on…
      and this is an expensive game!

  3. Any tips for rain riding? I want to do a job which requires I show up presentable and professional looking.

    • Well, I’m far away from looking presentable and professional while riding bicycles in the rain…but all the professional riders are wearing sunglasses all the time and as long as you keep on smiling, everything should be okay!

      • I wear my sunglasses at night so I can see… Those lyrics come to mind. Ok, if I’m wet and sweaty as ling as I’m smiling with sunglasses on even when it’s dark or cloudy. Got it!

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