Trees in all colors of the universe

All the colors of the universe

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, the sun, still summer – like hot, seems to just be crawling along the horizon, while the nights are sending the first signals of winter to the earth below.

But please tell me:

Has there ever been a cooler and more awesome autumn than this year’s autumn?





All the trees and plants and bushes and weeds are changing their color from green to all kinds of colors. Leaves are falling to the ground and cover every single road, street, way and path…and then there’s this year’s sun, that just doesn’t want to leave and just keeps on shining stronger than ever before ( in autumn…)






The earth seems to be glowing in all colors of the universe…





Perfect chance for me, to grab my camera, get out on my roadbike and try to capture the moment.
This year, I spend two whole days, riding all around town, in hope to get kick – ass pictures of the golden autumn.





It was pretty cool to see, how the looks of familiar places can totally change, just because nature decides to change its colors. I caught myself, stopping at places, where probably no one ever before stopped to enjoy the scenery.

That’s the special thing about autumn year after year.

And of course, that’s the special thing about riding bicycles in autumn. I’ve spent too much time, riding the same roads week after week in summer. It’s about time to shake the dust off my camera, learn how to shoot and start riding new roads again.




Hope you enjoy the pictures!






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  1. antc1946 says:

    Yes, I agree. The autumn colours in your pictures really show how good your ride was. I am about to set off into a very grey day so my images won’t be anything like as nice. We do, however, need the rain during this very dry Spring.

    • Thanks, Tony!
      A few months back in summer, we spent weeks without a single rain drop, just a lot of sunshine.
      People around here first understood, that we might be in need of some rain, as the lawn in their front yards went from green to yellow and brown…
      So, yeah, it’s good to have a few rainy days from time to time! And I bet, they are made for good photography, too!
      Thanks for replying and have a good day, Tony!

  2. lkvy says:

    That shot was worth jumping over a ditch for! 👏

    • Thanks, Laura!
      It was just a tiny ditch, though! Everyone would have got that!

      • lkvy says:

        Stop underselling yourself! You BOLDLY LEAPT over a moat full of angry, flaming crocodiles!

      • That would’ve been awesome and so made for a great shot!
        A selfie with flaming crocodiles, while jumping over them…
        Unfortunately, the only animals in that ditch, were a couple of mice, rats and a few crows on the other side of the road…which would have probably been a great shot too, now that I think about it…

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