that's the colorful side of october autumn


A little late to the party, but here’s my recap of October:


Riding bicycles in October 2018 felt like preparing for winter sleep.
Short ride here, quick session there, but most of the free time, I’m hiding in my cave.
It’s difficult to get used to the coldness. This year’s autumn / winter is the first cold season, riding roadbike.

That’s why I upgraded my gear a few weeks ago, knowing that the clothing in my closet won’t be good enough to ride roadbikes in autumn, not to mention winter.
So, whenever I’m freezing to total rigidity on the roadbike…now, I do it in style…

Even the short commute to work is getting more and more chaotic.
One day, I found myself riding my bike back home from work in the most apocalyptical conditions in a long time.
Darkness, hard wind, rain and below 5°C …
I was a little surprised, that I didn’t get hit by any trees or branches.

Sooner or later the temperatures are going to drop below zero, the roads are going to be covered with salt and gravel, which will then mark the end of my bicycle commute season.
But, until this day arrives, commuting on a bicycle is still the fastest option available.

However, don’t we all love the colors of autumn? In october, I spent two afternoons on my roadbike, trying to capture every single color on my camera.
In case you’re curious, here’s the blogpost about it:


All the colors of the universe


So, the trees lost all of their leaves the birds have all gone south and halloween is already forgotten…

That’s how you know, november has arrived!





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