The world on New Year's Day

The Start Into a New Year

It’s never to late to wish everyone a happy new year, right?

Anyway, I don’t know, how you feel about New Year’s Eve and New Year, but personally, I’m happy, that it’s over!

And here’s why I’m happy about it:

Usually, New Year’s Eve is made to be great, it’s a perfect evening for celebrating a great party.
This day is the perfect occasion to spend a great and memorable evening with all your friends.
But somehow I have to solve the same weird task each and every year:

If all your friends are going to spend the day with their girlfriend’s family or get invited to some strange people’s party, you really don’t want to be a part of … how am I supposed to spend this memorable and great evening?

Everyone gets invited to a great party and I’m the guy, that is „taking it easy“ on New Year’s Eve.
But that’s okay, I got used to spend the last evening of the year just the way I want, which is, most of the time, not as bad as it sounds.
This year, I decided to have a mixture of pretty much all of my favourite junk food for dinner.
Videogames shortened the spare time to midnight and when the big moment finally arrived, I may or may not have had a drink or two, while watching the fireworks in my neighbourhood.
On New Year’s Day, I woke up earlier than everyone else in my hometown, ate the leftovers of my private party and went out for a ride on the mountainbike, because I was curious to know, how messed and wrecked the world looks in daylight.

I don’t get other people’s thrill about this day anyway.

Why should someone’s life and fate turn around, just because some numbers change?
And, if the change of dates is so important to everyone, why do people like to start into the new year, with getting the biggest hangover for the next 365 days?
Last but not least, what’s so great about starting into the new year, scaring everybody else to death, with dynamite – like firecrackers?
Maybe New Year’s Eve traditions are different in other countries, but people around here use to create an unbelievable hype about fireworks.
For your information:

In Germany, fireworks are sold only between the 28th and the 31st of december and citizen are allowed to burn the fireworks and crackers only on the 31st of december and the 1st of january.

Everyone knows what’s about to happen, right?
People go absolutely mad about it, buying tons of explosives of all kind.
Rockets, batteries, crackers, everything in every kind of shape and size. Some people even show up with their blank guns just to prove … something, I guess.
Sometimes I don’t even like to think about how much money people are willing to spend, because this always reminds me on my poor wage…

So much explosives in so many drunk people’s hands. What can possibly go wrong?
Here’s a short summary in my own words of what the local newspaper reported the day after New Year:

Once more, some people lost some parts of their bodies, injuries caused by fireworks and crackers (one person even lost an eye in one of these incidents…).
A dozen people or more were taken in custody by the police for various reasons, all of them related to acting like a stupid drunk idiot and / or forbidden usage of (guess what…) firecrackers in some parts of the city.

Before New Years Eve, everyone’s talking about their hopes, dreams and resolutions for the following year, just to spent the next day in bed, curing their headaches, while the whole world is still covered in the garbage of last year.
That’s weird…

But anyway, to hell with all these fools.
Let them burn all their money, scar all their body parts and kill all their brain cells.

If you’re looking for me, I’m sitting on the balcony, watching the maddest show the planet has ever seen.

Happy New Year!

– Dennis


  1. lkvy says:

    It’s similar in my home province of BC where fireworks are only permitted two nights of the year: Halloween and New Year eve. In Quebec, however… it’s sold year-round so nobody really cares.

    You’d love the apathy of people here! We should start a trend of greeting people with, “HAPPY NEW DAY!”

    • It’s the same everywhere and every time:
      Allow something for only two days in a year and everyone goes mad about it… allow it all year long and no one cares anymore.

      Sounds great! I imagine, standing at an inner city crossroad, holding a sign that says ” Happy New Day”, screaming “Happy New Day everyone” every once in a while… that should at least get me a short article in the local newspaper, maybe even on TV

  2. good on ya’ mate for biking on new years and not blowing yourself up. any resolutions about your cycling though? giving you a shout out in my blog today. keep on biking and blogging!

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