Radio Silence

More than four weeks have past, since the last blogpost was published on my little corner of the net.
It may seem pretty obvious, but the last few weeks did not quite go as planned ( if I ever had something like a plan, but you know what I mean…)
Once more it was proven, that I’m not one of those cyclist, that keep on riding on a regular basis in whatever winter conditions.
This has nothing to do with coldness.
Since I upgraded on cycling clothes and stuff, I’m pretty sure I could travel to the arctic circle on a bicycle, without suffering from issues related to ice cold temperatures.
However, the fact that it gets dark around 5 pm, plus the fact that all the salt on the streets destroys your bicycle in a rush, plus the fact that the preparation for a simple ride around town takes almost as long as the ride itself … all this is killing my enthusiasm about riding bicycles in the winter pretty quick.

But not entirely…

One day it actually snowed a lot in my hometown and trust me, it used to never snow around here in past years.
These five to eight centimetres of snow made me want to go out and ride my mountainbike around town a little bit, as this was clearly at least a once in a year opportunity.

So, I geared up, hopped on the mountainbike and had one of the best winter bicycle rides … ever, I think!
Also on that day, I managed to catch the perfect time window for being outside in the snow.
Late enough, so that enough snow has already covered everything and early enough, so that the local road patrol hasn’t had enough time to clear everything and cover it in salt.
Thanks to these circumstances I was able to get the coolest winter pictures I ever got…



However, the pictures don’t tell the whole truth.
Half way through the ride, I wasn’t able to shift gears on the mountainbike anymore. And as if this wasn’t bad enough, guess what gear I got left for the way back home?
Right, the large one of course, hahahaha….

See? That’s why I’m usually not riding in winter!
I haven’t checked the mountainbike yet, so fingers crossed, that the shifter has just been frozen…

The days went by and february arrived faster than I wanted.

And that came for a reason:

I needed surgery on my jaw.
And without going too much into details, just trust me when I say:
It sounds as bad as it was.
Surgery caused me to lay in bed for two days, medicated on painkillers and antibiotics, which my stomach didn’t like at all.
To make the situation even better, I wasn’t allowed to have coffee, black tea and yogurt for some days … And I really like coffee and yogurt!

Today I had a date at the doctor’s office to finally get rid of the stitches caused by the surgery.
Ain’t that a great way to spend Valentine’s day ?

However, now that I’m done with the surgery and its consequences, I’m really looking forward to going for a ride at the end of this week.
Maybe even tomorrow.
The weather report says, the first spring days are about to arrive (15°C, no rain … ), so it would be cool to shake the dust off the roadbike and go for a ride.

– Dennis


  1. lkvy says:

    Hooray, you’re not dead! 🙂

    I’ve never had jaw surgery so I can’t exactly empathize, but I do remember how brutal my wisdom teeth surgery recovery was.

    Why no yogurt?!

    As for your issue, maybe the cable is frayed and broken inside the shift levers? Depending on what type levers you have, it may be as easy as unscrewing the covers to take a look inside. If you’re easily able to move the derailleur (either front or rear) by hand, they’re not the problem.

    • Hey Laura!
      Yes, I’m still alive and as far as I’m concerned, surgery on jaws are much alike as wisdom teeth surgery, when it comes to the intensity of recovery.
      I asked the doctor just the same question regarding the yogurt subject. If I got it right ( which I can not guarantee…), it got something to do with the antibiotics I took… I don’t know, sounded weird to me, too.
      But you better don’t question the person in charge too much, right? Especially, when he’s holding a knife in front of your face…

      Thanks for the advice on the mtb issue, next time I’ll have a look at the levers. Let’s just hope, it’s an easy fix. The waiting line for repair at the bike shop is loooonnng ….

      Take care of yourself, Laura!

  2. antc1946 says:

    There are others out there cycling in the snow! You might like to take a look at the website cycle365 !

  3. antc1946 says:

    Oh dear – my comment sounded really dry. Not meant to be. Your picture is great! I hope the derailleur unfreezes OK and your jaw is now OK !

    • Thanks Tony! Everything’s good now. Yesterday, I took the roadbike out for a ride. It’s 15°C and sunshine since a few days now, so the weather was just perfect for it!
      Let’s just hope it stays like this, so I don’t have to worry about cycling in the snow any time soon, hahaha!

  4. mininthecity says:

    Hey there, I’m happy to discover your blog! I noticed your comment on my first WordPress article. Thank you! I have both biked in snow and had jaw surgery. Thankfully the surgery was so long ago I don’t remember the pain vividly. Suffices to say it was no fun at all! I hope you are enjoying road cycling adventures and look forward to reading more of your stories.

    • Thanks! Hopefully, I’ll be able to write some blogposts soon. I’m kind of not happy about my recent once – per – month strategy, but sometimes it is what it is and time seems to be flying lately…
      Honestly, I couldn’t quite believe,that it was your first blogpost ever!
      It made a really professional impression, even more when I’m thinking back to my first blogpost…
      So, I kind of can’t wait to read more about your cycling adventures too!

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