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Apparently, more than four weeks have already past by since the last blogpost…again.
That’s a long time without posting anything … again.
In most cases, this means, that nothing blogpost – worthy has happened in the meantime. And sadly, this might just be true … again.

Or maybe not !

Here’s what went down the past four weeks:

Four weeks ago, I wrote about the first adventurous snow mtb ride in years and how I managed to wreck the shifting halfway through the ride.
What felt like a minor damage or failure to the gear system, proved to be more than that during the next few days.
I took the mtb to the local bike shop and got the first update a day later:

After replacing the cables that connect the shift levers to the derailleur, the derailleur was only able to shift through five of the eleven gears, which meant the core of the whole system had to be repaced, too.
All in all, the maintenance of the mtb took a little longer and got a little more expensive than I would have thought. But, ain’t it always like that?

Some days later, I found myself investing in some new magical photo equipment.
I’m now the proud owner of a glass sphere!

Here’s an exclusive shot of me trying to out that thing in public:





Don’t be too harsh, I know I still need a bit more experience …
… And no, I’m not able to make a decent forecast of the future yet.
However, the guaranteed weird looks I get by pedestrians are definitely worth buying the sphere!

So, that is it.
I just summed up the past four weeks in about 260 words.
See, that’s the prove, nothing exciting happened!
Anyway, I’m getting blinded by the first rays of sunlight this march, as I’m writing this blogpost.
Let’s hope, this marks the end of 28 eight days of constant rainstorms.
Because right now, I could really need some spring vibes.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some more exciting articles in the upcoming days and weeks.
Right now there are two, maybe three drafts in my head, but they definitely need some work. In the meantime I’ll try to post about some new places I’m about to visit on my roadbike.

At least, that’s the plan for the next few weeks …

– Dennis

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