The Old Water Tower

Easter bank holidays 2019 – I finally managed to add a new sight to my personal “ Who would’ve thought? “ sightseeing – list.

This time, it’s another historic building I recently stumbled upon.

An old water tower.



The tower is located on top of a rather large hill. With a total height of about 26 meters, the top of the tower reaches 235 meters above sea level.
That’s tall enough to make this building a landmark for the surrounding area.
I was kind of surprised, when I learned about the fact, that this water tower was actually build in 1910.
The medieval design and elements of it, led me to think it was much older. Well, that’s how you get tricked, right?
However, thanks to its design, the old water tower takes a special role in the history of this region’s industrial buildings.
It kind of marks the transition from building pure historic buildings with a lot of decorations, to building pure functional industrial buildings made of steel and concrete.
That’s what the tiny information sign taught me about the architecture of the tower …



Anyway, visiting the old water tower was cool enough, but taking the roadbike to visit it on a bank holiday made this day even cooler.
Winding roads on a steady climb with a view over the whole area, that’s how I would describe the way to the top in one sentence.
And, it obviously is a great training spot, too. I came across a lot of cyclists, on mountainbikes as well as roadbikes, while I was riding up to the tower.
Something between ten and fifteen minutes of constant uphill battle on a bicycle, make this place the perfect location to get your legs, lungs and mind back in shape.
On top of the hill, the old water tower comes as a welcomed place to take a break, catch a breath and snap a few pictures with your smartphone…




How did you spend the easter bank holidays?








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