Welcome on dennisthecyclist.blog !


This Blog is about an almost three decades old cyclist, who likes to write about the way he rides bicycles and the things he experiences during this time.
I’m a huge fan of roadbikes from march to november and an active as possible mountainbike rider in the between the years.
Sometimes, you might see me riding mountainbikes in summer, but so far I never chose roadbikes in winter.
I’m a summertime bike to work commuter, with probably the shortest of all commutes…but that still counts as a real bike to work commute … right ?!?

Photography takes another big part of this website.
It’s weird how different the same places you used to know suddenly look like, when you capture it through different angles.
The possibilities of editing the photos on a computer are just as endless and awesome as photography.


So far, this blog contains four different categories:


Today’s Ride

Right here, you can find all about the places I visit on a bicycle. It’s like a bicycle diary, maybe…


Ramblings of a cyclist

Sometimes weird, sometimes serious stories and thoughts about cycling and my bicycle experiences


Monthly Recaps

Pretty obvious title. I always take a look at the past four weeks in the end of each month. The coolest things get lost in time pretty easy, so it’s important to look through the files in your brain and write them down every now and then. At least, that’s what I’ve learned…


Bike Garage

Just a showroom of the bicycles I own. Every bicycle captured through different angles and explained in my own words. Worth the visit, if you’re interested in this kind of blogposts…

So, please take an upright position, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the journey
Thanks for choosing dennisthecyclist.blog to be part of your daily escape from reality!

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