This Blog is about a guy trying to ride bicycles as often as possible and writing about the things he sees, does and experiences during that time. Right now, The Mountainbike is the number one choice, when I’m out riding on the weekends and on my days off of work, simply because it is the most versatile bike I own. However, I’m a big fan of Roadbikes and mainly any cool and fun bicycle there is in this universe.

Photography is another one of my favourite things. It is a perfect addition to the bicycle part of this blog and the camera is always the first thing to be packed in the bag, when I prepare for a ride.

All this  is the work of an amateur, trying to dive deeper into the things he likes. There are always mistakes, errors and things that doesn’t even make sense. But with that in mind, who knows…. maybe you like it?

Also, if you feel like messaging me, feel free to comment beneath a blogpost or send me a message via E – Mail . I always appreciate to get messages and connect with other people…

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Thank you, for checking out my Blog!


My name is Dennis, and I’m a cyclist

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