…welcome to this website!

I’m Dennis, a 31-year old cyclist from Dortmund, Nordrhein Westfalen. Right here, you’ll find everything about my cycling adventures.

I use to cycle as long as I can remember, beginning with mountainbiking, then getting bored of riding mountainbikes in a metroplitan area like the Ruhrgebiet and eventually start riding roadbikes three or four years ago

Taking cycling-themed pictures and making videos about it are the two favorite activities beside of riding roadbikes. The logical next step for me was, to start blogging about it.

And here we are, three years into it and I’m still redeveloping everything I’m doing on this blog. There are a lot of cycling related pictures on this blog already and I’m constantly working on getting more pictures on here.

If you prefer to watch cycling themed videos, I suggest you check out my YouTube channel below…

Thanks for visiting my website!

-Dennis , July 5th 2020

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