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I'm a twenty - something old passionate cyclist, trying to ride my bike as often as possible and writing about the things I do and see and learn while I'm on the bike...

The Old Water Tower

Easter bank holidays 2019 – I finally managed to add a new sight to my personal “ Who would’ve thought? “ sightseeing – list. This time, it’s another historic building I recently stumbled upon. An old water tower.     The tower is located on top of a rather large

actual footage brand new photography equipment

On Air

Apparently, more than four weeks have already past by since the last blogpost…again. That’s a long time without posting anything … again. In most cases, this means, that nothing blogpost – worthy has happened in the meantime. And sadly, this might just be true … again. Or maybe not !

Radio Silence

More than four weeks have past, since the last blogpost was published on my little corner of the net. It may seem pretty obvious, but the last few weeks did not quite go as planned ( if I ever had something like a plan, but you know what I mean…)

The world on New Year's Day

The Start Into a New Year

It’s never to late to wish everyone a happy new year, right? Anyway, I don’t know, how you feel about New Year’s Eve and New Year, but personally, I’m happy, that it’s over! And here’s why I’m happy about it: Usually, New Year’s Eve is made to be great, it’s

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