Trees in all colors of the universe

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Trees in all colors of the universe

All the colors of the universe

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, the sun, still summer – like hot, seems to just be crawling along the horizon, while the nights are sending the first signals of winter to the earth below. But please tell me: Has there ever been a cooler and

Meadows on the side of a hill

The Snow

A few weeks ago, I kind of stumbled right over this place: I tried out cycling along some main roads, I’ve never been to before, and followed the traffic for a few miles. Eventually I stopped at one crossing, to check my location and discovered this name on google maps:

The Open Air Observatory

The Open – Air Observatory

Buying the the roadbike has probably been the best decision in 2018. Why? Because it allows me to cover distances and visit places on a bicycle,that I would have never ever thought to be possible. Today I want to show you one of those places: The Open – Air Observatory

The Egg III

The Egg

A few days ago, I caught myself thinking and realizing, that it has been quite a long time since I last published a blogpost about one of my bicycle adventure. Well, any kind of blogpost to be honest…but anyway, the weather was great, the roadbike was in a good condition

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