cycling on a bench

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cycling on a bench

Time flies – What I did the last two weeks

The last fourteen days meant Vacation time for me. It may not surprise you, but these days went by in a rush, and here’s why:        I always spent a lot of time before the actual vacation, thinking about what to do and how to spent all this

Sculpin’s Rupture

A couple of days ago, I spent some time searching through google maps on the hunt for new destinations I could explore on my bike. After a surprisingly short period of time, I discovered something that matched exactly what I have been looking for: A landmark called Sculpin’s Rupture After

The Field of Rocks

Today’s Ride #57: Today I’d like to show you one of the weirdest and coolest places the city has to offer.                                                          

Cycling to some brand new, gigantic street art

Today’s Ride#56: Yesterday, Thursday the 26th of April, started just like any other day. I got out of bed, grabbed the biggest cup the cupboard offered and made myself a rather good coffee. I sat down at the table and started reading the newspaper… As usual, I was way too

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