Category: Today’s Ride

A Ride to the Harbor

Conditions: constant rain during the last thirty – six hours, today it stopped raining for round about ninety minutes,  there was a minor autumn storm passing this area yesterday, no heavy wind today, but the airstream during the ride is cold,  13°C / 55°F Distance: 19,30 km / 12,00 mi

Industrial Training Grounds

Conditions: an outstanding autumn day, the sun is shining, leaves of every colour are covering the ground and the air is filled with this special late summer – autumn smell,  24°C / 75°F Distance: 28,92 km  /  17,97 mi Time: 2h 05m  / 2,1 h Average Speed: 13,8 kmh  / 

A few laps at “the kidney”

Conditions: dark clouds pretend to let rain fall down on earth, but that never happened, 16°C / 61°F Distance: 30,23 km / 18,78 mi Time: 2h 06m  / 2,1h Average Speed: 14,4 kmh / 8,9 mph Uphill: 287m Overall Distance: 1241,22 km  /  771,22 mi Overall Time: 4d 0h 44min

Keep the gears running

Conditions: The sunshine feels warm again, the air has got this special autumn smell in it and their are thousands of dead leaves on the ground,  22°C / 72°F Distance: 23,95 km  /  14,88 mi Time: 1h 28min  /  1,5 h Average Speed: 16,0 kmh  / 9,9 mph Uphill: 228m Overall

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