Category: Today’s Ride

Little Lake Hallerey

Conditions: Two weeks of constant rain has come to an end. The weather is finally showing autumn’s nicest sides. No Wind, no Cold, just the glowing sun and the blue sky… saturday: 24°C / 75°F sunday: 26°C / 79°F Distance:  saturday: 18,55 km / 11,53 mi sunday: 23,76 km /

A Ride to the Harbor

Conditions: constant rain during the last thirty – six hours, today it stopped raining for round about ninety minutes,  there was a minor autumn storm passing this area yesterday, no heavy wind today, but the airstream during the ride is cold,  13°C / 55°F Distance: 19,30 km / 12,00 mi

Industrial Training Grounds

Conditions: an outstanding autumn day, the sun is shining, leaves of every colour are covering the ground and the air is filled with this special late summer – autumn smell,  24°C / 75°F Distance: 28,92 km  /  17,97 mi Time: 2h 05m  / 2,1 h Average Speed: 13,8 kmh  / 

A few laps at “the kidney”

Conditions: dark clouds pretend to let rain fall down on earth, but that never happened, 16°C / 61°F Distance: 30,23 km / 18,78 mi Time: 2h 06m  / 2,1h Average Speed: 14,4 kmh / 8,9 mph Uphill: 287m Overall Distance: 1241,22 km  /  771,22 mi Overall Time: 4d 0h 44min

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