Liebster Award

What a great way to get today started…BECCA and her blog FROM MY LOFTY HILL nominated me for the liebster award. That is really good news, right? Thank you, Becca! I appreciate it a lot! If you’ve got a spare minute or two, check out Becca’s blog. It is totally worth the visit.

The Fluid

Today I’d like to give you a short description of the kick – ass Mountainbike I’m riding on since March 2017: The Fluid… …is a full suspension Mountainbike, with enough travel at both ends to always guarantee you a smooth ride. I even decided to adjust the rear suspension harder

Local History and Long Straights

Today’s Ride #51: Today I intended to have a nice training session at the kidney . The local racetrack is always a  good place to test your strength and fitness. I got there, went for a couple of laps and then decided to leave. The track was quite crowded today… too

Bicycle Counter, Sheep Flock and me trying to get back in shape

Today’s Ride #50: The moment, I made a wrong move and busted my favourite work pants was a key moment, a sign, a hint of my body and the universe: It was about time to get up and get back in shape. It was time for Today’s Ride #50…. The

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