New Year, New Start

Conditions: dry, with a lot of ice cold wind, but later the sun showed up for a few seconds, 5°C / 41°F Distance: 15,76 km /  9,79 mi Time: 1h 21m  /  1,4 h Average Speed: 11,3 kmh  /  6,9 mph 2018 Overall Distance: 15,76 km  /  9,79 mi 2018

Two Thousand and Seventeen

Let’s face it, 2017 is over. In round about four days we’ll be saying goodbye to this year and welcoming the year ahead by hearing all the “greatest” songs from the early sixties to the late eighties, drinking alcoholic or non – alcoholic beverages we’ve never seen and / or

The Last Ride before Christmas

Conditions: rain,rain,rain, it fits perfect to the dark grey of the sky and the lack of sunshine…but hey, it is christmas, everything is good…   7°C / 45°F Distance: 21,84 km  /  13,57 mi Time: 1h 55m  /  1,9h Average Speed: 11,5 kmh  /  7,1 mph Uphill: 195m Overall Distance: 1464,20

November Performance Chart

November has come to an end and with that, it is time to share last months performance chart and stats: November Overall Distance: 52,31 km / 32,5 mi November Overall Time: 5h 52min / 5,9 h November Average Speed: 8,9 kmh / 5,5 mph November Uphill Distance: 483 m Compared

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