Meadows on the side of a hill

The Snow

A few weeks ago, I kind of stumbled right over this place: I tried out cycling along some main roads, I’ve never been to before, and followed the traffic for a few miles. Eventually I stopped at one crossing, to check my location and discovered this name on google maps:

an amateur picture of Coach Wasp

Coach Wasp

Meet the newest and only member of my coaching staff: Coach Wasp To be honest, I don’t think, that I was ever looking for a personal coach. I never considered myself to be more than an amateur athlete. However, one summer day, I was just doing one of my weekly

Mid-Ride Selfie with a new friend


This month, besides commuting by bicycle, I also started to do regular errands by bicycle. I found out, that it’s pretty easy to spend the greater amount of your wage at the local bicycle store. I also found out, that visiting grocery stores or bicycle stores can be kind of

Why everyone should give commuting by bicycle a chance!

Today I would like to introduce you to a new blogpost series. It’s my first approach at writing more theoretically about cycling and bicycles in general. After a rather long time, I decided to call it:  “ Ramblings of a cyclist ” I think, the title fits perfect for what I’m

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