Abandoned World


Here I stand, on a bridge, that looks like it hasn’t been crossed in a long time.
Staring at factories, lost to the consequences of interruption and time.
Next to rails, that forgot their destination.

Here I am, I’m the only one around and I doubt there’s anyone near.
I’m used to it, so there’s no reason to care about that.

This world is abandoned.
It’s just me, the bicycle and the remainders of the past.
This world is silent.
There’s just the trees and some birds, conquering back what once used to be their territory.

I just took a short break to snap a few pictures. The setting looked to nice to not take a stop right here. The pictures take a few moments, so there’s enough time to get a little poetic. Usually I don’t succeed.
However, the camera is done. It’s about time to get back up on the bicycle. Soon, I’ll be gone. Just like everything else …

Abandoned World