Meadows on the side of a hill

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Meadows on the side of a hill

The Snow

A few weeks ago, I kind of stumbled right over this place: I tried out cycling along some main roads, I’ve never been to before, and followed the traffic for a few miles. Eventually I stopped at one crossing, to check my location and discovered this name on google maps:

One year blogging on wordpress !

Today marks the one year anniversary of me blogging on wordpress. To be honest, 365 days actually went by pretty fast, which in my eyes is a good sign, because only the good and fun things keep rushing by before your eyes like a thunder strike .     I

The Field of Rocks

Today’s Ride #57: Today I’d like to show you one of the weirdest and coolest places the city has to offer.                                                          

April got things started

Today is the May the first, which means it is time for the next -month resume. Two thousand and eighteen’s April surprised with a decent amount of “feels-like-summer-days”, which almost made it impossible for me, to not be riding bicycles in every single spare second. Warm temperatures and a lot

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