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November Header


Okay, so let’s get rid of November in style. Here’s the monthly recap of the last four weeks before the last last four weeks of two thousand and eighteen: November felt like the cold and bitter side of autumn, no one likes to talk about. Especially the last half of

that's the colorful side of october autumn


A little late to the party, but here’s my recap of October:   Riding bicycles in October 2018 felt like preparing for winter sleep. Short ride here, quick session there, but most of the free time, I’m hiding in my cave. It’s difficult to get used to the coldness. This

the lonesome and dark shortcut ... Halloween Special Blogpost

The Lonesome Shortcut

I take the same route to work and back every day of the week. Usually, I’m riding my roadbike on the road to keep the interaction with pedestrians on a minimum and simply because it’s a roadbike. However, late in the evening, when the traffic is low and there are

Mid-Ride Selfie with a new friend


This month, besides commuting by bicycle, I also started to do regular errands by bicycle. I found out, that it’s pretty easy to spend the greater amount of your wage at the local bicycle store. I also found out, that visiting grocery stores or bicycle stores can be kind of

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