Just stopped to take a few snaps with the camera and transferred the roadbike straight into another universe. A world full of cable towers and broken streets, already covered and reconquered by plants and trees. This world is abandoned and left behind by whoever has been here before. The gigantic towers lead the way straight out of it, if I’m lucky…

Also, I found out, that copper looks pretty cool on the bicycle, don’t you think so, too? Maybe it’s about time to get some upgrades for the Vinyl Solo…


Secret Places


This place is like a rock oasis, a harbor in the middle of the town, a shelter above the rest of the city.

It’s just a short climb to the top, but all the noise of the world disappears within a second. Maybe it’s the trees that mute the world, maybe it’s somekind of invisible barrier.

The roadbike, just another visitor, needs to be pushed over all the rocks, stones and gravel. But that’s okay. This place is not a roadbike track. Rumours say, it’s a nature reserve. Some kind of strange and rare birds like to nest and hide somewhere inside of this rock desert.

And sometimes, I’d like to do the same… – dennis the cyclist

Cycling through Space and Time


A few days ago I decided to take the backroads through the fields. Shooting infrared pictures takes time and patience, that’s like the first thing I learned about it. Discovering the right spot, managing all the gear and setting the camera up … I’d be able to shoot pictures right in the city centre, but sometimes, I prefer silence and space over rush hour mess.

However, fifteen minutes out of town, the world seems to be another one already. Wide fields, windmills and horses for miles and miles. The lonely country roads are quiet, uncrowded and bright enough to take all the infrared pictures, that I want to take. There is so much space and time on roads like these, I almost thought I’m a space traveller. There’s no need for a space suit or an external oxygen supply and the roadbike is my space ship …