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Radio Silence

More than four weeks have past, since the last blogpost was published on my little corner of the net. It may seem pretty obvious, but the last few weeks did not quite go as planned ( if I ever had something like a plan, but you know what I mean…)

sunset at the local roadbike training spot


Recapitulating what happened in the last month always starts the same way: I’m looking through all the pictures on my smartphone. Actually, it’s a great way to remember things. Believe it or not, but there are always a lot of things, that I’d easily forget about otherwise…     This

Meadows on the side of a hill

The Snow

A few weeks ago, I kind of stumbled right over this place: I tried out cycling along some main roads, I’ve never been to before, and followed the traffic for a few miles. Eventually I stopped at one crossing, to check my location and discovered this name on google maps:

an amateur picture of Coach Wasp

Coach Wasp

Meet the newest and only member of my coaching staff: Coach Wasp To be honest, I don’t think, that I was ever looking for a personal coach. I never considered myself to be more than an amateur athlete. However, one summer day, I was just doing one of my weekly

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