Yes, you heard right! After thinking about it almost the whole year, followed by searching for an indoor trainer for weeks and weeks, I finally managed to get one of these items. And let me tell you this, indoor trainers are rare these days, like really really rare.

Luckily for once, I had the right timing, when I found a trainer online back in stock at the manufacturer’s site. Two long days were spend with cleaning the roadbike outside at 3°C (sorry, hands!) and preparing the future “indoor cycling corner” / “the last bit of space I got left at my place”, until the package arrived and I could officially call me an owner of an indoor cycling trainer.

Since then, signing up for Zwift, was one of the best decisions, that I recently made. And of the sweatiest, hahaha! Honestly, I did never sweat this much before! Also, I would’ve never thought, that riding on Zwift could be a real alternative to riding outside … in the winter … and the rain … and freezing cold temperatures, alright … lesson learned. I like it, it really feels like a video game and there are so many people online everytime, it’s awesome, even on the super small screen of my smartphone!

Of course, there are still a lot of things, that I have to figure out. For example, I’m wondering what devices are best for riding on Zwift? The smartphone is doing a good job, but the screen really is a bit too small, I think.

So, if you got any advices for a noob on zwift, which I absolutely am, feel free to tell me in the comments below. If you’d like to connect with me on Zwift, you should be able to find me under “Dennis The Cyclist”! Alright then …Can’t wait to see you in Watopia!